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May 6, 2013
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I coughed again and grabbed a tissue out of the box sitting on the bed next to me. I groaned when I laid back down in my pillows, my nose still as stuffed before I grabbed my tissue.

I hated being sick. Not only did I have to miss days where I could be working, I also felt awful. My nose was either stuffed all the time or mucus ran down like there was no tomorrow. My head was pounding so much, it felt like I could die. And, of course, that beautiful thing known as a cough made my sore throat even more sore (if that was possible).

I grabbed a cough drop that my roommate had put on the nightstand (along with all the other medicine) before she left for work. I felt bad since she was taking my shift at the Cafe, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Everytime I tried moving, the pounding in my head just increased. But I couldn’t just lie here all day. I was so bored!

I looked around my room. I had read all my books recently. Oh, the laptop. I stretched as far as I could, but I only succeeded in coughing more and making my head pound. Damn laptop had to be at the far corner of the desk. I nestled back down in my pillows and blankets and decided to take another sip of the soup that was next to me. When I put my head down, I remembered I had my phone underneath my pillow. Maybe someone would relieve my boredom, but everyone I could think of was working. Except, today the Italians shouldn’t be working, since it was mine and Mei’s day to work. And they never work on the weekend.

~To: Feli Vargas
Hey, Feli, are you busy right now?

Only a few seconds passed before my phone vibrated, signalling a message.

~From: Feli Vargas
Ciao bella~! No, I’m with mio fratello right now. Why?

~To: Feli Vargas
I’m sick and I’m bored. I can’t reach my laptop, so I have nothing to do. Entertain me in some way.

~From: Feli Vargas
That’s terrible! I’ll come right over! I’ll make you some food!

Oh no. Once Feliciano gets a thought in his head, he won’t stop for anything, except food. Just maybe, it’ll work.

~To: Feli Vargas
I don’t have any food you could cook with here, besides, I’m not hungry, I had some canned soup for breakfast. And, you’re with Lovino, you shouldn’t leave him behind. Just talk with me or something.

I sent the message, hoping he’ll buy it. It’ll only be louder with him here, and I didn’t want anyone else catching this cold. It was a miracle Mei hadn’t gotten it yet, considering you share the room with her. I glanced at my phone. Weird, Feliciano hadn’t sent me a text back. I could only pray that he wasn’t on his way. Maybe Elizabeta was near her phone. She was sometimes allowed to use it at work, since some days weren’t very busy as a cashier at the local bakery. Maybe she can bring a treat that didn’t sell that day. Having neighbors that work in food is very helpful sometimes. Or even Mei can grab something when Elizabeta closes down, as the bakery closes only twenty minutes after the Cafe, and it was a bit of a walk away. We often walk back to apartments together, or even walk to our jobs together.

I grabbed another tissue as I finished my other one. I tried tossing it into the garbage can, but it missed, just like the last few I used. I carefully stood up, since my head pounded each time I wanted to stand up and move. I gathered all the tissues that circled the can and threw them all away. I texted my idea to Mei, hoping she would look at her phone during her break, so she can take her time closing up the shop. Just as I was about to go back to my bed, a knock sounded at my door. Grabbing the blanket off my bed, I wrapped it around me before going to answer the door. I walked through the living room before I came to the door. I opened it a crack, and was met by worried Feliciano.

“Veh, bella, are you okay? Are you okay to be walking around?”

I gave a weak cough, but nodded. “I told you Feli, I’m fine. You didn’t have to come by and leave Lovino behind.”

“Leave who behind?” I looked behind Feliciano, where the second Italian was leaning against the railing across from my door.

“And I brought exactly what I would need to make good food for you. Canned soup is terrible. I’ll make you something much better, si?”

I couldn’t say no to Feliciano’s smiling face or the prospect of warm home cooking. I opened the door for them, and closed the door behind them. Both of them took off their shoes, and Feliciano went straight for the kitchen.

“Aren’t you going to be bored, Lovino?” I asked him as I locked the door again.

“I’m making sure you stay in bed, idiota. Now!” Lovino started pushing me back to my bedroom. I complied and went back underneath all the blankets Mei had piled on my bed.

“It’s so fucking stuffy in here. When do you open the windows?” Lovino asked as he grabbed the chair at my desk to sit in.

“It gets stuck sometimes. Neither Mei nor myself has enough to open it,” I answered, blowing my nose again.

Lovino went to the window and pulled up on it. “The hell? Damn window, move!” He grabbed it again and pulled as hard as he could. With a pop, it flew open, and let Lovino breath in something other than the sickness air. He went back to the chair as I slowly sat up, adjusting the pillows and blankets around me and against the wall, letting me lean on the wall.

“Aren’t you two scared you’ll get sick?” I asked.

“Fratello is too much of an idiota to get sick. And I can’t get sick. I actually eat better food than canned soup.” He sneered at the tupperware container on the nightstand. He glanced down at all the medicine as I coughed again. “Are you actually taking these at the right time?”

“Umm, Mei made me take them when she left at nine.”

“Take every two to four hours. Bella, it’s three. Not six hours!”

“But it tastes bad!”

“Stop whining idiota!” Lovino stood up and headed for the kitchen. I sunk down lower in the mess of pillows and blankets. Lovino came back with a spoon and a glass of water in his hand. “Now,” he said, holding one of the things I need to take, a pill for the  out to me. I held my mouth shut, making it impossible for Lovino to give me the medicine.

“I don’t want to!” I complained, trying to talk through my teeth.

“Idiota, now!”

“Make me!” I shouted back at him.

A moment of silence came over us as I slowly regretted shouting what I had. Lovino always took ‘Make me’ as a challenge, especially when I said it, for some reason. And he was also getting angry at me for acting like a little child.

Lovino smirked a bit, something that scared me at times. “Bella, there are several ways to make someone take their medicine.”

I sunk lower in my blankets once again. “You’re gonna tease me again.”


Without another word, Lovino took one of the pills in his mouth with a sip of water, and kissed me. The surprise of the kiss made me gasp, making it possible for Lovino to make me take the pain reliever. When he got back up, I was blushing red. He held the glass out to me to take another drink, which I gladly accepted.

“You are too cruel, Lovino,” I complained.

“You wouldn’t take it.” Lovino stated a matter-of-factly. “You said ‘make me’. I made you. Now, I still have cough stuff here.”

“I’ll take that gross crap!” I finally admitted. Lovino held the spoon out to me, as if he was feeding me. I was still mad that he decided to kiss me, so I pouted in between spoonfuls and between sips of water.

“So, what else do you have to take?” Lovino asked.

“I think that’s it,” I grumbled out at him.

Lovino looked exasperated at my little fit. “You need to take this shit or else you won’t get better. You’re such an idiota!”

“If I was an idiot, I wouldn’t be sick in the first place!” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Why are you so pissed at me?”

“You kissed me! Dimwit, I was saving my first kiss for my boyfriend!” I turned back around on my pillow pile, making my back face him.

“It’s just a little kiss.”

“For you it might not be much, since you’re Italian, but it’s different for me.”

I heard Lovino sigh. “Any way to make it up to you?”

I turned slowly around, my face still mostly hidden by blankets. “Can you make me a cup of tea?”

“Like the kind that Tea-drinking-bastard makes?”

“Like the kind Arthur makes, yeah.”

Lovino sighed, and slowly stood up. “Don’t blame me if it’s terrible. The stuff should all be in the kitchen, si?”

“It’s labelled, “Tea Cupboard”. Water heater should be by the outlet still.”

Lovino walked out of my room. I heard him muttering with Feliciano in the kitchen, so I wrapped a blanket around me, and sneaked into the hall, out of sight from the kitchen.

“Fratello, what was all that noise about, veh~?”

“Niente, idiota fratello. {Name} wouldn’t take her medicine.”

“What did you do?”

“I kissed her to make her swallow the pill.”

“Veh, fratello finally kissed {Name}! Era ora che lo facessi.”

“Not so loud, idiota! She knows some Italian, don’t let her hear you!”


I peered around the corner to see Feliciano looking at Lovino while he seemed very intent on the water heater. Lovino looked worried, or nervous? Maybe ashamed? I couldn’t tell from my hiding place. Feliciano looked worried for his brother. Have I even seen them like this?

“You like the bella. You have for a while.”

“I know already! Shut the fuck up about it. Besides, she can do better than me. I just stole her first kiss, and she is pissed at me.”

The water started boiling, and Lovino turned it off. He put the tea bag in my mug on the counter and filled it with hot water.

“Oi, how much should you sweeten tea when someone’s sick?”

“Veh~, just about a spoonful of honey should work.”

I picked up the blankets around me and hurried back to my room. I settled back down, grabbing one of Mei’s books on the way. Lovino came in with a steaming cup of tea, stirring it with a spoon. He carefully handed it to me.

“It’s hot.”

I stirred the tea carefully and took a sip with the spoon. Still really hot. I set it down on the counter as a clean breeze came through the window. “Hey, Lovino, I’m actually kind of thankful you and Feliciano came over to help me out. Being stuck in bed is a little boring, and I can’t really do much. Sorry I got so angry at you, I shouldn’t have acted like a kid.”

Lovino looked surprised that I would admit something like that. He sat back down on the chair. “Bella...I’m sorry I forced that medicine on you. Should’ve stuck with just threatening you.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Not the way I would have put it, but I accept your apologies. So how is Feliciano doing on that soup?”

Vehhh~! Bella, I’m done~!” Feliciano came in as if he was called, carrying a bowl of soup. “I made a basil tomato soup! In case anything else would be too hard on your stomach!”

Feliciano handed the soup to Lovino and skipped out, going out to clean the kitchen I suppose. Lovino carefully handed me the soup and the spoon.

I looked at him with a smirk on my face. “No force feeding me this time?”

“Just shut up and eat.”

Epilogue: Few Hours Later

“{Name}! I’m home!” Mei unlocked the door, leading in Elizabeta and the pastry box.

“Veh! Ciao Elizabeta! Ciao Mei!”

“Feli? What are you doing here?” Elizabeta asked, as she and Mei eyed the completely cleaned kitchen and living room.

“I heard {Name} was sick, so I came over to make her some food. And help out a bit!” Feliciano answered, putting the last bits in order.

“So she’s in our room?” Mei asked, untying her shoes and setting them by the door.

“Yeah, both of them are.”

“Both?” Both Mei and Elizabeta asked.

They headed down to the room with the pastry box left on the counter. They came into a sweet smelling room that Feliciano had finished cleaning out all my sickness. I still sat on the bed with blankets, sipping on a cup of tea on my lap, laughing with my companion, who they were surprised to see was Lovino.

“Ah, Mei, Liz! Welcome home!” I greeted them, lifting my tea in greeting.

“Why is Feli cleaning the house?” Mei asked.

“Crap, I told him to stop. Lovino, can you please stop your brother’s cleaning spree?”

“He’s already done.” Elizabeta told us.

“Wow. Takes me normally a whole few days to clean the whole house. And I swear, I didn’t tell them to come by, Feli was just worried that I was sick.”

“And Lovino is here because?”

“Mei, don't be suspicious of houseguests. He’s made me a nice cup of tea for my throat, and made me take the medicine.”

“How did you get her to take her medicine? She hates taking it.”

Luckily for Lovino and myself, a sneeze came from the living room. Lovino stormed out to Feliciano. “Damnit fratello, don’t go getting sick! You aren’t supposed to get sick, idiota!”

“I told you! I told you that that stupid saying of your’s is false!” I yelled after him.
Since I felt really bad about making a lot of you guys cry with my last fanfic, here's some fluff for you. Some nice, sweet, fluff.
So no sad sickness here. Just you being cared for by the Italian Brothers! And a smidge of romance because I felt really bad about all the tears on the last one.

Since I was this sick just a few days ago, I decided to make a fanfic for it. I am better now thankfully. Keep an eye out for more stuff, I might get inspired this week!

Please comment!! I want to know if I did a good job on characters! All comments will help me get started on my next fanfic!!

Characters/Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Story is mine!
You belong to yourself
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