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Some Cursing Because it's Lovino. Decided it's not enough for a Warning. And Even though It's Seven Minutes In Heaven, this part is more of a fluff.

Seven minutes in heaven. Either making relationships or breaking your dreams into tiny pieces. Or in most cases, a God-knows-what-version-of-Russian-Roulette. What fun.

It was the Grad Party for my class. Most of my friends really didn't want to go to the school run one. Fifty dollars in a random place you may not even like, no underclassmen friends, or already graduated friends, and then there might not by any good food...Sorry, but no thanks.

Basically, most people I knew were invited. Francis, Antonio, Alfred and his brother, Matthew, the younger sibling Peter, my best friends Mei, Victoria, and Elizabeta, Kiku-san, and Wang Yao who graduated a year ago, Natalia and Yekaterina and, (of course) their older brother and my neighbor, Ivan, Ludwig and his older brother, Gilbert, Feliciano, Lovino, and Vasch, who brought his little sister Lili upon my request. That girl is just too cute! And a few other people, but then I would never get to the point of this story if I named them all. I say my list is pretty good.

So our whole group of friends were up at Alfred's huge house for the night. You know, he may not be the smartest person around....Or even the second smartest...But he did have a really huge property, an amazing sound system, and a member of his family that was crazy enough to allow it. Sometimes, I worry about Arthur. Living with Alfred could probably lower most people's sanity.

We all arrived at different times after Graduation. I went to Elizabeta's house with Mei and Victoria, so Elizabeta and I could change into nice jeans and our favourite tops. We also left our cap and gowns, cameras, technological devices, and diploma at her house to keep them safe from harm. Then, we jumped into her car and drove to Alfred's house at the designated time. We were the second group to arrive, since somehow, Antonio had driven a large group of people at once. We conversed and set everything up while waiting for everyone else. Wang had decided there wasn't enough "good or healthy" choices for food, so Feliciano decided to also make pasta beforehand. If you ask me, I think they made extra food so Arthur wouldn't decide to cook.

Everyone had arrived by 6, happy and ready to party the night (and most of the next morning) away. Once the music DJ was chosen (always pick the one that could kill you if she didn't like it. Elizabeta was chosen so she would definitely keep the peace between Roderich, her boyfriend, and Gilbert, her ex-boyfriend, with the help of that random cast-iron frying pan. And she liked J-Pop and other International Music that I also like), Alfred decided that it was time for games. I was truly scared of what his idea of "games" were. I couldn't hear what they were until he held them up because Gilbert convinced Elizabeta to turn the music up really loud.

Surprisingly, most of the choices were harmless. A video game challenge on one of Kiku-san's games. Eight people started the Soul Calibur V game, myself included (You did practice a bit at Kiku-san's house, but you never got past kick, kick, slash, slash, repeat). Somehow, button mashing did beat Kiku and Alfred second and third rounds, but Matthew snuck through to the finals with Peter, leaving Matthew to win against the small child.

Twister was a little less innocent. Again, I joined, against my better judgment (Listen to the little voice that tells you not to do stuff. Sometimes it is right) along with Francis, Antonio, one of my underclassman, Mei, Feliciano, and Lovino. Lili tried to join, but Vasch held her back when he saw Francis was playing.

Now, I've known the Italian siblings since the beginning of Freshman year, but it was only since Junior year that my feelings for the older, bad-mouthing one has grown. And it wasn't just my weird curiosity for that curl that both of them had, or the way he blushes when he is embarrassed, but when he curses: It's kind of cute. And now, I get to play Twister stuck between him and the largest playboy in school? To whatever deity is out there: Save me!

The highlights of the game that round was myself crouching near the ground, Lovino over me, and Francis to the side of both of us. Feliciano was to the edge of the mat with Mei. After a while, I was able to scoot out from underneath Lovino, leaving him to deal with the Frenchman. Mei was the second to get out (Antonio had no talent whatsoever for Twister), leaving just us three. Francis kept trying to find his way closer to me (with that weird face on), Lovino somehow found his way underneath you, and Feliciano was blissfully unaware in the middle. Feliciano got out when his foot had gotten tangled with mine and he tripped himself.

"Sorry Feli!" had been my response when he walked to the couch to watch with the few that weren't listening to the music, having a rematch with other video games, or had discovered the Apples to Apples game.

"Vehh~. It's okay bella. I was getting hungry anyway."

Lovino and Francis finally tripped each other up, leaving me the winner as I gasped for air on the mat, finally letting my muscle relax after the half hour game.

"I finally won...Miracles do happen."

"You did really good {Nickname}!"

I looked up to see Mei with a can of {f/soda} above me. "Thanks Mei. It was a workout too. It seems everyone broke off for a bit. Want to play some cards? I'm sure someone brought some." I inhaled half of my {drink} while still sitting on the Twister mat. I used a bit of Mei's help to get myself up then looked to see who might have cards.

Alfred: no. Francis or Antonio: no. Italians: nope. Germans: Definitely not. "Um, Roderich? Did you happen to bring some playing cards?" I tapped his shoulder and tried to project my voice so he could hear me.

Roderich looked over to me and shook his head before yelling, "Not today, sorry. But try Lili. She loves cards as much as you."

"Thanks!" I waved him off and went back on the hunt with Mei following behind. I looked around until I saw Vasch's blonde hair and his little white hat (I really want one like it someday). He was back by the Twister mat as Lili went against Victoria, Peter, and Feliciano (where did he have the energy?). Vasch reminded me of a guard dog as he carefully watched the game while acting as spinner.

"Hey, Vasch! Can you pause the game for a moment? I want to ask Lili something."

Vasch saw that it was me and nodded. I walked over to where Lili was on the mat. "Excuse me! Lili? Did you bring playing cards with you?"

Lili tilted her head (nearly making me hug her) in thought before shaking her head. I had to strain my ears to hear her response. "No. There might be a deck in brother's car, but I'm not absolutely sure."

"I don't think Vasch would let me check his car," I giggled before turning to the other players. "Anyone bring playing cards?"

A chorus of "No"'s reached my ears until Peter responded. "{Name}, Bushy Brows always has a deck somewhere here. He likes playing Solitaire in the evenings with his tea."

"Thanks Peter! Good luck to all of you too! Lili, Victoria, don't let the guys win! Beat them!"

"Will do {Name}! Good luck on your hunt!" Victoria responded as Vasch re-continued being the spinner.

I left the Twister and went on my hunt for Bushy Br-I mean, Arthur. I saw Mei grab her own soda from the table before following me like a puppy again. I finally spot the right blonde head in the crowd with the help of Mei standing on a chair for a moment. We bobbed and weaved until we found Arthur sitting in a chair near the wall of windows that lead to the outside patio with a view (the house sat on quite a good sized piece of land, so no neighbors would be bothered by the Blue Exorcist theme blasting from the speakers). As we came up to Arthur, he was (of course) sipping tea while reading a book. Looked exactly like an English Gentleman he always claims he is.

"Excuse me, Arthur?"

He looked up over the edge his book. When he saw it was Mei and myself, he closed it and set his tea down before giving us a smile. "Yes loves?"

"I was wondering if you had a deck of cards I could borrow for the party. I forgot mine. We will treat them with the utmost care."

He set his book down and stood up. "Of course, I have several. I'll give you my most worn one, so you don't have to worry about it tonight." He went around the staircase that lead to the bedrooms upstairs and walked into what I knew was a study, right across from the bathroom. I waited in the hallway, since I didn't want to intrude into the study room tonight. Arthur does like my company when I come over to try and get Alfred to study something other than Hamburgers. He came out moments later with a worn deck, taking the rubber band off and putting it in his pocket.

"This is one of my decks that I have used for years. So no worrying about it. This isn't even my favourite deck. So have fun, loves." He handed the deck to me with a smile. "As a question, what game are you thinking of playing anyway?"

"I really like Egyptian Ratscrew [a/n: pretend you like it and are really good at it. I love this game, so we are using it!]. It's one game that anyone can join in, perfect for a party," I responded with a smile as Mei nodded excitedly. She has loved this game since I taught it to her.

"A good game, just not my cup of tea. Well, have fun as I go back to my book. If you need anything else, just let me know, alright?"

"Of course. And I'll know where to find you!"

Arthur smiled and return to his chair next to the window wall. Mei and I went over to a low coffee table at the other couch. We scooted the table out so we both could sit on the floor. Just as I started shuffling, a shadow passed over the table. I looked up and saw Yekaterina looking at the deck.

"Do you want to play with us? It's called Egyptian Ratscrew." I offered. I had her in a few of my classes, but we didn't speak in school much. As my neighbor though, we knew the other pretty well.

She shook her head. "I'll just watch for a bit. I can pick up games really quickly."

"If you're sure." I replied as I started shuffling again as Yekaterina made herself comfortable on the couch with a good vantage point. Just as I was about to deal between us, I heard a voice call out.

"Oi, chica, what are you playing?" Antonio was leaning over the table with Lovino nearby.

"Getting ready for Ratscrew, wanna play?" I had played a few rounds with Antonio and Gilbert in the past, and often with Feliciano (and a reluctant Lovino), so I knew that they already knew the rules.

"Si! Lovi~, you should join too!" Antonio already sat down next to Mei's left, leaving the spot next to me open.

"Shut up! Don't call me that you damned tomato bastardo!" Lovino lashed at at Antonio since he used the "Unmentionable Nickname" that Lovino hated with a passion.

"Lovino, you shouldn't curse that much on Grad Night. It's a happy event. Now, come on, join us! We're playing with sandwiches, which I know you like." I motioned next to me as I willed that neither my cheeks or my ears turn red.

"Tch." Was all that Lovino replied, but sat down with a huff anyway. I dealt out the cards as quick as I could without messing up and laid down the first card.

And already, I was doing good. A Jack. Poor Lovino losing a card already. The game went with on with a pretty good speed. We only had to pause after our first slap to remove rings and bracelets, seeing as Antonio felt the wrath of Mei's class ring. Mei and Lovino were leading at first, with Antonio losing all his cards after a few beautifully times slaps. Yekaterina did get in for a few moments before losing all her cards again. Afterwards, she saw a glimpse of what she thought was her sister and brother, so she went off again. Antonio also wandered off after he couldn't get back in the game. I was slowly pulling ahead of Lovino, when Mei got a fully loaded pile on a slap. From that moment, it was all against little Mei. With Lovino and me going against her, she was out after a few rounds. She then decided to watch the rest of the battle.

Both of us were almost completely equal, I was just a smidge quicker. But also distracted, as at one slap, his hand landed perfectly on top of my own. At this moment, I had glanced up and got caught in his light brown eyes. I swore I saw a hint of red creeping on Lovino's ears, but I wasn't sure, since I snatched my hands, and my winnings, away quickly. I glanced over at Mei, who had seen the whole exchange. The game continued anticlimactically, and I won in the end.

"Ha! I beat you again Lovino! What does that make it now?" I smiled sweetly as I shuffled the deck in my hands.

"Shut the hell up! You cheated with the cards, bella!"

"Impossible. Spain entered and left the game a few times, and Yekaterina even joined. Even you know I can't predict that-" I cut off because I realized Mei wasn't next to me anymore. "Hey, Lovino, did you see where Mei went off to?"

"No, I was too focused on trying to win." Lovino glanced around as well for a second.

Just as I was about to stand up to look for her, Mei appeared out of the crowd. "Who won?"

"I did!"

"That's makes 28 to {Name} and 11 to Lovino." Mei smiled at me. "Good job!"

"Where did you go off to? And when, I didn't see you leave?"

"I had to use the restroom, and on the way back, I talked with Wang a little bit. He might be making some green tea with Kiku-san later."

"Yay~!" I loved their green tea! (Makes mine taste like water with sugar in comparison.) "What time is it anyway? Alfie said he had a plan at 8, sharp."

Mei rolled up her sleeve to check. "It's-"

"'SUP DUDES!!! How are ya all enjoying this flipping amazing party?!" Alfred showed up near the speaker with a microphone in one hand and a hat in the other. I saw Matthew a few steps to the side, holding another hat, this one looking like it was stolen from Arthur. A proper English tophat. I dreamed for a few moments about cosplaying before a loud cheer brought me back to the party.

"That was lame Dudes!! Seriously Lame! I will ask you again: Is this a party fit for a Hero of The World?!"

I saw Arthur cover his ears, but did what everyone else did. Screamed, cheered, and clapped. I notice Lili was hopping slightly as she cheered silently and clapped. Even Mei cheered a bit with some loud clapping as I noticed that Ludwig smiled when he clapped a bit. Now that was rare.

"Now That's Better Dudes and Dudettes!! I could really only hear two distinct people in that, Gilbert-"

Gilbert cut him off with his trademark laugh as his bird flew around his head. "Kesesese~! That's because the Awesome ME would never be outshone by these not-awesome people-"

"Dude, don't interrupt the MC! It's almost as bad as interrupting the Hero!"

"The only one important is the Awesome-"

"Elizabeta!" I play at this game too, and it was way too good to pass up. "Hey, there is this annoying sound in my ears. I had to deal with it for three years, then it vanished for a year. Now it's back. What do you think it is?"

"I don't know {Name}. I had that quiet year too." Now I saw a few people were holding back laughter.

"Maybe it's a bug!" I shout, like I found the answer. "And I know, that you really love squishing bugs."

Gilbert paled and gulped. The little bird known as Gilbird tweeted from his nest in the silver hair. I saw Elizabeta take a step forward with her frying pan ready, when I held her back just as she was about to swing.

"Now, now. Elizabeta, first you let it squirm a little, remember. Then false hope of escape." Gilbert's eyes darted around the room as I continued. "You must wait for the right moment."

"And what moment might that be?" A confused expression was on Elizabeta's face.

I held out the hand that wasn't holding her back and revealed a piece of squished bread in my palm. I knew almost everyone was, except myself. I moved my hand and tweeted a few times. Gilbird heard me and flew out of the danger zone into my warm hand, and settled down to eat.

"Gilbird! You traitor! Verdammtes Vogel!"

"You must make sure there are no collateral damage." I petted Gilbird softly then smiled my evil smile. Both Mei and Victoria started giggling since the knew what was going to happen next. I looked up at Gilbert, and slowly released Elizabeta. "Go my trusted soldier! Onward~!"

"Gladly." She rushed towards Gilbert and hit him square in the shoulder the first time. The crowd was now laughing hysterically. Roderich looked as if didn't know if he should try to stop Elizabeta from beating her ex (even more) senseless, or just let it play out. As she started aiming for the head and bottom, Gilbert scrambled across the floor and escaped out the door. A few moments later, Gilbird looked around, and started following Gilbert's path.

Everyone was laughing now, even Alfred and Arthur. When people started to calm down, Alfred wiped away some tears and took a deep breath. "Well, how did you like our entertainment? As I was saying before I got interrupted, I heard two distinct voices. One is now gone, but the other loudest person was {Name} here!"

"Was I really that loud? I didn't know."

"Well Dudette, you have now won the honour of picking our 8 o'clock game! Now, {Name}, in this hat, there are two choices. One is truth-or-dare, while the other is Seven Minutes In Heaven! Isn't that freaking sweet?"

I paled a little. So that's why Matthew had a large top hat. For the names for Seven Minutes.

"All ya hafta do, is pick out of my hat here. Two papers. And only one will go for certain. Ready Dudette?"

I nodded and closed my eyes. Reaching my hand out, I felt the fabric of the hat under my fingers. Not a single sound was made as I searched for a paper. I felt both of them. No way to make sure for certain which is which. I grabbed one and pulled it out. I opened my eyes and handed the note to Alfred. He handed to hat to Matthew and unfolded the paper.

"And the winner is....Seven Minutes In Heaven!!"

I felt like a huge stone just landed on my gut. Oh shit, this was bad.

"Alright! Everyone gather around here!!" Our MC called for everyone to be near the couches in some way, so he didn't have to use the microphone anymore. "It'll be played like this Dudes. First volunteers would be able to draw out the name from the hat themselves. Both peoples go into the closet right there." He motioned to the one near the front door. It had a lock on it. "We lock the door, turn on the music again, and wait. Those Dudes that are still out here can play either card games or Apples to Apples! All understand?"

Everyone nodded, and found their way to the couches. There wasn't room for everyone to sit, so some were leaning against them, or sitting down on the floor. Mei was sitting on the floor, her head leaning on my leg as I softly petted her hair. Victoria was at my right and Elizabeta had left the music station to sit on my left. All three of us fit on the loveseat perfectly.

"Alright, we all know the rules? Ya get Seven Minutes to do whatever you want with each other in the closet. And don't worry, the music will be loud enough so no-one will hear ya! Any volunteers?" Alfred scanned to room for a moment. A few second later, an Italian jumped up waving his hand.

"Vehveh~! I want to try! Can I?" I saw eyes grow wide. No-one expected Feliciano to go first. He made his way up and went towards Matthew holding the hat of awesome-ness. Feliciano reached inside, pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to Alfred. It felt like I was watching a game show.

"Is Alfred the host of a game show with his lovely assistant Matthew?" Victoria asked me in a whisper. I held back my laughter before I would giggle without air again.

I nodded to her though. "Great minds think alike."

"Feliciano, you get.....Wow...Ludwig. Feliciano, you get Seven Minutes with Ludwig!"

|~[Fanservice, you can imagine what you want. Time skip brought to you by Flying Mint Bunnies]~|

Seven minutes passed and the two came back out, like nothing happened. Except Ludwig was blushing slightly and Feliciano had his eyes open for a moment when he first came out. They just sat back in their spots, Feliciano making little "Veh~" noises like normal.

"No comments? Except it did look like something happened in the dark closet. Who's next?"

The next one to volunteer was Francis. He stepped up and went straight up to the hat and grabbed a paper for Alfred.

"Francis, you get......Pfffft!"

"Vat iz it, American? 'o did I get?"

"Francis got Gilbert!" Giggles sounded in the room. Francis said nothing but turned back around and gave Alfred another paper.

"Take two. Francis gets....Dude! This is just too much! Haha!"

"Vat are you laughing at? 'o iz it?"

"Ya got yourself! The Frenchman gets Francis!" The whole room was laughing once again.

"Rules are rules. He has to go in the room with the person whose name is on the paper!" I announce out in between giggles.

"I agree completely love," Arthur replied, with an expression on his face that looked similar to the one I had before I released Elizabeta to attack Gilbert. Without another warning, he took one of Francis' arms while Alfred grabbed the other one and dragged the volunteer, *ahem* victim, to the closet and locked him inside. Alfred raised the music volume again. "Can we leave him in for the rest of the night?"

"I think that would be too mean, Arthur. Besides, what about the other people for seven minutes?" Victoria turned around to face him. Elizabeta looked at me with a knowing expression on her face and nodded to Victoria and then motioned to the closet, which had pounding coming from it. She knew that my little underclassman liked Francis. Aw hell no. He's not touching my little Victoria.

"She's right. Besides, I know you really wanted to in that closet with him. Too bad the hat only had guest names in it," Elizabeta was picking a fight again. I felt Mei sigh while leaning on my leg and I patted her in reassurance, since I knew Arthur wouldn't pick a fight with her here and now.

"Fine, I'll let Alfred take him out after the time is up." He said nothing to Elizabeta, and went back to his comfy chair.

"Remember to stop picking fights with people when we head off to college. I don't want any angry mobs chasing us this time."

"Awww, {Name}. You're not any fun. It was their fault in the first place. Picking on my poor Roderich!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Yes, but he wasn't the one chased all across the city. I was."

My closest friend laughed and closed her eyes as she leaned back. "That was back in Freshman year, right? How could time pass that fast? I feel like it was yesterday when I first met you in Elementary School. And now...It's the Graduation Party."

The atmosphere around us lowered a bit. I had known Elizabeta for twelve years now. Then, I met Mei when she entered Middle School and I was in eighth grade already. Then, all three of us met Victoria when she first moved here in her and Mei's Freshman year.

"Lots of time has passed since then. Lots of changes and lots of stuff we won't ever forget-"

"Even if we wanted to!" Mei finished for me. "But why are you talking like it's over? As you always say, "The night is young, we are females, we had some food, nothing can stop us!" You're not going out of state, so we'll still see each other, too. And it's not like this party is going to end anytime soon. Besides, no matter what, it's not like any of you could ever be grown up, mature, or boring!"

The mood lifted by one of Mei's inspiring speeches, we tackled her for calling us immature and dog-piled over her in a fit of giggles. Mei grabbed a pillow for protection and whacked me in the head with it. Of course, I grab my weapon to defend myself and try to get Mei back, but I accidentally hit Victoria.

"Pillow Fight!" Victoria announce and grabbed her weapon as the room goes into chaos. Some try to hide behind the couches, some cheered on without any weapons or shields, the rest grab for pillows, and Francis pounds on the door to try to get someone to let him out so he could watch.

I got a few good hits off before I had to duck and crawl to get away from a group of attackers. I decided to crawl behind a couch until I can find a good attack opening. I crawl behind a couch and bump into someone. I raise my pillow because I thinks it's someone with the same plans, but then I hear his voice.

"O-oi! Wa-wait! Sh-shit, Bella don't attack me! I don't have a pillow or a shield! Bella!"

"Lovino? Oh..I', sorry. I thought you were an enemy..."

The both of us sat with our backs to the back of the couch for a few moments. I hoped he wouldn't notice my blushing cheeks or how tightly I'm clutching my new pillow. I didn't know what to do! I almost smacked the guy I like in the face with a pillow. Holy Roman Empire, this is awkward.

A few moments later, Feliciano came around the corner of the couch. "Ah, bella! You're playing too?" He had a pillow in his hands. My reactions were slow due to my red face and my tightly clenched pillow. I got a full swing to the face before I was able to block. Feliciano ran off as I tried to recover with my head reeling.

"Bella, are you al- okay? Damn it, Fratello shouldn't have hit you that hard!" I open my eyes to see Lovino closer to me than before.

"Don't worry, I'm fine, just surprised," I tried to get up, but the second I let go of my pillow, Lovino grabs it out of my hands and runs into the "battlefield". I couldn't stop him, and now, I didn't have my weapon anymore. As I sat up and contemplated what to do, Feliciano appeared next to me, looking like he was going to cry.

"I-I'm sorry B-bella! I didn't mean to smack you that hard!"

"Oh, don't start crying Feli. Why did you hit me then?"

"I wanted to talk with you. About Fratello."

Is the whole world against me of something? I tried to hide my ever growing blush, but I felt like Feliciano could see it either way.

"You like him, right Bella? You like mio fratello."

I tried to wave it away. "Oh, um, it's not like he likes me back or something."

"Then why did he chase after me after I hit you with the pillow?"

I was speechless. Feliciano had actually planned this! Not as innocent as I thought he was. Since I didn't answer, Feliciano smiled and gave me his pillow. "Have fun {Nickname}! I'm going to go find Ludwig!" He pulled a little white flag out of his pocket and escaped the safe area behind the couch.

A few moments after he left, I grabbed the pillow and rushed back to the battlefield. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind as I went after the friends that started this whole fight. The whole battle ended minutes later, after a flying pillow knocked over Arthur's cup of tea. The whole room had gone silent and looked around for the person without a pillow. The only person that was playing but didn't have a pillow was Peter. Arthur stopped the whole game and made Peter cleanup the spill and then make him a new cup. With Francis's seven minutes also up as well, Alfred unlocked th door. He looked around outside and looked disappointed that the pillow fight was over. With everyone sitting down again, I was fixing my messed up hair when Alfred was back in front of the group.

"That was awesome Dudettes!! That was a cool idea! But, since Francis is now done, the next volunteer can go!" The room was dead silent. No-one wanted to raise their hand, and you could only have your name pulled once from the hat. "No-one? Alright, Mattie! Pull the next name from the hat!"

Matthew had pulled Elizabeta from the hat, and she had pulled Kiku-san's name from the hat. So the next few rounds went. The next groups were Antonio with Victoria, Vasch with Roderich, Yekaterina with Matthew (oddest combination ever), and Lili with Mei. Vasch, at first, looked like he was going to shoot the person going into the closet with his sister, but actually looked relieved when Mei's name was called. I too, was glad that Mei was not going into the closet with one of the guys I didn't trust, but actually a girl that was her age. The seven minutes passed with Vasch keeping a close eye on the closet throughout the Apples to Apples rounds. When the closet was unlocked, the two were both talking animatedly. When they came back to the couches, both were still conversing with the other, and Alfred went up to call the next person.

"Alright, the next Dude to go will be.....{Name}!"

Of course. But of freaking course. I stood up after both Mei and Victoria had to push my out of the couch. I reached out to the top hat with a shaking hand. I felt all the little pieces of paper and was nervous about picking one. I dug in and grabbed one from the bottom of the hat. I pulled it out and gave it to Alfred.

"{Name} is going in the closet with....Lovino!!

Holy Roman Freaking Empire. I felt myself rooted in place as Lovino tried getting away. I was about to side step and escape that way, but Elizabeta was at my side and had grabbed me before I could escape. I saw Lovino tried vaulting over the back of the couch that he was on, but Antonio was there and had picked him up off the ground to carry him to the closet. Elizabeta had pushed me inside and Antonio dumped Lovino in and locked the closet before either of us could react.

"Alright Dudes! For trying to escape, your time has been extended to fifteen minutes!" I heard Alfred laugh before the music turned up again.

The two of us sat in the quiet darkness until I heard Lovino mumble something.

"Hm, did you say something Lovino?"

"I said...Mi...dispiace...Bella. You looked like you didn't want to be in the closet with me."


"You were shaking. And I saw you try to escape a moment before me. So, I'm sorry you have to be stuck here with me."

He thought I hated him! He thought I tried to escape because I didn't like him. Well, guess it can't get any worse. This is my chance.

"Lo-Lovino? Um, I don't hate you." From the thins bands of light coming into the closet, I saw Lovino was already blushing from being this near me in such a closed space. When he finally comprehended my last sentence, he turned to look at me. "I don't hate you. I actually,"

"Che cosa?"

From the little Italian I knew, I understood what he meant. I scooted closed to him and leaned over until my lips finally touched his cheek in the darkness. I could feel the heat rising from both our blushing faces.

"I really love you. I've liked you since Junior year. Since you came to club with me."

"B-but..I thought you liked my little Fratello. You were always with him!"

"I was trying to learn about you. You barely talk at school, and when you do, it's not about yourself. Since that May, I've been talking with Feli to learn more about you...I'm sorr-"

Lovino cut me off by kissing me on the lips lightly. Even though it was barely a peck, it still sent a spark through me. "Ti Amo."

"You heard me. Ti amo. Ti amo cosi tanto."

My heart felt like it skipped a beat.

"Shit...I thought you hung out with me because of mio stupido fratello. I thought you were just really bella. I was jealous of him, and started asking him all about you. I just wanted to be the one you liked, not him.....Fuck.."

"Oh Lovino.... "

"I thought you hated me! Every time we were together, you always looked away, and talked with all those idiotas."

"You really are dense!" I snapped at Lovino. "I talked with them because I thought that if I talked with you, I would blush too much and Elizabeta would tease me more about it. But..I'm sorry that you thought I hated you."

The awkward silence came back again. There was no way to tell how much time has passed, since my phone and music player were both at home.

"Um....would you like to go with me? I mean......shit.....We both like each other, and Fratello said you are going to the same college we are going to attend......So, I mean, would you-"

"I heard you the first time. Yes, I would love to go out with you." I glanced over and Lovino looked cuter than he normally was when he is flustered. "Aw, Lovino are you blushing?"

"Shut the hell up! I can't do anything about it. I'm not used to being asked out by a bella ragazza."


"Si? What is it?"

"Can......I mean..." I sighed. This is harder than it seems. "Can"

I heard Lovino laugh a little (wait does that mean he's smiling? Why did it have to be dark?) "Aw, bella are you blushing?"

Revenge is a jerk. "Shut up."

I felt Lovino move next to me, and when I turned to look at him, his lips met mine in a passionate kiss. Well, about as passionate a kiss can get without french kissing while trapped in a closet. When we finally separated, I felt like my face was going to burst into flames. In less than fourteen minutes, I confessed to my crush, am now going out with him, and kissed him. Why did I hate Seven minutes so much earlier?

I heard footsteps head towards the closet door and felt Lovino grab my hand. As I looked at him, I saw him mouth the words "Mi dispiace."

Just as I was about to ask why, the door opened to reveal Alfred and Antonio. Lovino jumped up and ran out of sight before Antonio could grab him and question him.

"Aww. I was hoping to open the door to catch you two in the middle of something. Too bad." Antonio looked disappointed that he wasn't able to catch anything and walked back to the living room.

Mei appeared and held out her hand to me. I grabbed it and stood up quickly, but just as quickly fell back down. "Are you okay?"

I nodded and grabbed my knee. "Just was sitting for too long in one position, then standing up too quickly." I took Mei's hand a second time and was able to stand up this time. As I turned the corner, I saw Lovino was cornered by Antonio and Francis.

"Me little tomate~! What happened in that closet? Why won't you tell us?"

"Ohonhonhon! 'e is blushing! That means something did happen between him and ze little {Name}."

"Shut the hell up! Both of you bastards are so annoying! Move!"

I made it back to the couch I was sitting at earlier and wondering if I should go and save my new boyfriend or not. Elizabeta glanced over at me and a second later, handed me her frying pan.

"{Nickname}, time to save your man."

Mei saw I had the frying pan and went over to Elizabeta. "Can I borrow your camera? I want to save the moment of {Name} beating them up."

I walked up behind Francis and tapped him on the shoulder with the frying pan. He turned, and when he saw what was in my hand, he paled. Antonio turned as well, and also shut up when he saw my weapon.

"Ten seconds? Ten, nine, eight-," Both were already gone. I held out my hand and helped Lovino up. Since my back was to the group, I was able to send him a quick smile before heading back to my spot on the couch. I gave Elizabeta her frying pan back as Mei sadly lowered the camera. I saw the group was all confused at the reason why I would go that far for Lovino. I sat down at the couch and Alfred was about to start again when Feliciano piped up.

"Ohh! That's why! Fratello and {Name} are finally going out! About time!"

"Stupido fratello! Why can't you just stay silent?!"

"Veh~! I didn't know it was a secret!"

"I'm going to fucking kill you!"

I giggled from my seat as Mei sat back down back at her spot. This was the best party ever, and it's not even close to ten yet.
My first fanfiction!! It's finished earlier than expected because I realized I only have two chapters of Economics and an extra problem to do. I can do it all tomorrow.

My friend Spain requested a fanfic a while back, and I have been working in it throughout the school year. I then realized that she is coming back here on her birthday. So it's her birthday and Christmas present.

I'd really like some feedback on my first fanfic.
I feel like I had a few of the characters a bit too OOC. So feedback is always nice. Then maybe I'll make more fanfics in the future. During the summer and winter breaks. I also have a second part of Grad night in the making.

I'm also going to start taking requests/commissions for HetaliaxReaders. It'll be good to find a way to get out of my writer's block. Send me a note for more details~!

Characters/Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Blue Exorcist (c) Kazue Kato {It's a really good anime, but the manga is not completed yet}
Story is mine!
You belong to Lovino
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