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Never grow up, Never give in.
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Muse To Remember Preview (RotG Fanfiction)
Preview of Muse To Remember
After Eros found proof of his life before being "Saint Valentine".
Please leave a comment what you think about this. If it's liked, I'll post what else I have written down so far.
“Let me tell you a little history, Frost.”
Centuries before you were born, there was the Ancient Greek Empire. And with the empire, there was the ancient Greek Gods. I was one of them, along with some even you should know, like Zeus, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Ares. We ruled the humans justly. There were some instances of...turning people in birds, spiders, and Zeus’...Zeus being Zeus, but things were fine. I myself had a beautiful wife, Psyche, and we spent many of our days with our daughter, Volupta.
We Gods had powers, like you Guardians do. Most of the time, our powers corresponded with what we were the god of. Hephaestus could control volcanoes when he felt like it, and Apollo sometimes brought the plague around. But we were much we powerful than jus
:iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 0 0
Even A Detective Can Enjoy A Snow Day (2016) by usagi-hikari9 Even A Detective Can Enjoy A Snow Day (2016) :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 7 7 We Need Help Thinking Of A New Name For This Baby by usagi-hikari9 We Need Help Thinking Of A New Name For This Baby :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 2 5 Now Who Could This Be? by usagi-hikari9 Now Who Could This Be? :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 2 3 Detective Prince Naoto Shirogane Cosplay (2015) by usagi-hikari9 Detective Prince Naoto Shirogane Cosplay (2015) :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 7 3 And This Is Why Nothing Gets Done... by usagi-hikari9 And This Is Why Nothing Gets Done... :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 2 5 Legend of Zelda - OC Character (WIP) by usagi-hikari9 Legend of Zelda - OC Character (WIP) :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 4 14 Usagi Got A Haircut~! by usagi-hikari9 Usagi Got A Haircut~! :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 3 9 I Mostly Cleaned My Desk by usagi-hikari9 I Mostly Cleaned My Desk :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 1 0 The Broken Angel is still an Angel (WIP) by usagi-hikari9 The Broken Angel is still an Angel (WIP) :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 3 0 ChibiRomano is Annoyed By Spain's Valentine Gift by usagi-hikari9 ChibiRomano is Annoyed By Spain's Valentine Gift :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 2 7
R.H.Y.T.H.M. Story Trial
J-Pop and K-Pop’s First Mission, and Meeting Country at the Mansion
“Su-Jin? Eonni! Where are you?” Usagi Hikari ran through the halls of the mansion she was in, calling out for her “eonni”. “Come on Su-Jin, I know you are here!”
She just rounded a corner when she ran into a wall (or something similar to a wall), making her headset fall over her eyes as she was knocked back to the ground.
“Ya shouldn’t be running around like that, little lady.”
Usagi pushed her headset back on her head and looked up. A slight giant of a man was looking down at her, holding out a hand to help her up. As she grabbed the hand in front of her, she was literally hauled up off her feet before she was set down gently again.
“I’m sorry, I was looking for my sister. I wanted to ask her if I could go outside and explore a bit!” Usagi bowed down slightly.
“Sister? And ya got to ask ‘The Blues’ for permission to leave.&
:iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 0 0
Saint Valentine's Day by usagi-hikari9 Saint Valentine's Day :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 1 4
North ItalyxReader | Onward and Upwards {Prize}
North Italy X Reader: Onward and Upwards
“Elizabeta? You’re joking right?”
I looked down at the hiking backpack that my “friend” was holding out to me. It even had a sleeping bag tied onto the bottom of it and a filled water bottle on the side.
“You wanted to exercise, {Name}. You liked hiking.”
“Yeah, hiking! Not mountain climbing!” I gestured up at the mountain that towered before us. I saw Roderich slowly slide away to stay out of the argument.
“It’s a basic hike...To the top of the mountain and back. We should be back by the end of the day. Most of this stuff is in case of emergencies, but everything looked good and checked out.”
“Really?” I looked at her in disbelief. “Alright, who was your partner?”
“Lili and Vasch. They know mountains. Every now and then, they work up at the summit lodge during vacations.”
I could just see my other friend holding out a victory sign for tri
:iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 31 2
Cube of Time: Top Side by usagi-hikari9 Cube of Time: Top Side :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 1 0 Cube of Time: Side Four by usagi-hikari9 Cube of Time: Side Four :iconusagi-hikari9:usagi-hikari9 0 0


Moana by sakimichan Moana :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 22,162 582 Chinese Zodiac.:Rabbit:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Rabbit:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,098 359 Inuyasha Sup Guy - Cryaotic B) by Naimly Inuyasha Sup Guy - Cryaotic B) :iconnaimly:Naimly 16 3 Urban Jungle by yuumei Urban Jungle :iconyuumei:yuumei 11,843 164 VICTUBIA - 01 - 42 by Gabbi VICTUBIA - 01 - 42 :icongabbi:Gabbi 209 59 VS. Team Leader by AmazingArtistYellow VS. Team Leader :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,241 92 TCM: Comic Trailer by LivingAliveCreator TCM: Comic Trailer :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 20 25 Wishful Thinking by Inkyness Wishful Thinking :iconinkyness:Inkyness 7 5
The New Assistant - Sherlock x Reader (WG:Part3)
A sigh escapes your lips as you listen to the voicemail. “I greatly apologize, Ms. (L/n), but it seems you are overqualified for the position. Best wishes in your pursuit.” Another bust. “Overqualified.” What does that even mean?
It’s okay, you keep thinking in reassurance. There’s no need to panic. After all, you have another interview this afternoon near Canary Wharf. Overqualifications could not exist in such a place.
It’s about ten according to the clock on your laptop. You should be getting ready.
After a deep, cleansing breathe, you head downstairs, clothes underarm, and go for a shower.
Under the running water, your muscles relax as you repeat your mantra. “I will be hired. I will be hired.” Clearly, nothing could go wrong.
In the other room, Sherlock sits with his mid-morning tea, staring at Watson’s empty chair. How long do holidays usually last, anyway? His wedding had been nearly a week ago. Sherlock h
:iconwhosupersherlockedme:whosupersherlockedme 32 1
China x Reader: The Nightingale Part 1
“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” ― Mandy Hale
Yao was a lover of beautiful things – though he, himself, did not fancy being called beautiful. He lived in a beautiful palace full of beautiful things from different countries as well as his own. He never ventured outside of the palace walls. It wasn’t very pretty out there. From what parts he had seen, the world was full of filth – beggars on the street in dirty and tattered clothes that looked as if they had never bathed in their lives. And the upper class wasn’t much. At least, not in comparison to him. You might say the emperor was very vain.
So vain it made choosing a bride difficult. And once he found someone whose beauty he found worthy, he found her to be insufferable and refused to marry her. But at least he could take comfort by surrounding himself with beautiful things.
On the edge of the kingdom near the d
:iconmagixfire:MagixFire 26 6
Cryatioc Sup Guy - Cry by Naimly Cryatioc Sup Guy - Cry :iconnaimly:Naimly 25 7 Castle In The Sky: KanNao by Luna-Tiger Castle In The Sky: KanNao :iconluna-tiger:Luna-Tiger 9 4 Kanji Naoto [Spirited away/PQ] by TheSaraKingdom Kanji Naoto [Spirited away/PQ] :iconthesarakingdom:TheSaraKingdom 11 5 In Your Memeory by yuumei In Your Memeory :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,376 619 Moon Catcher by yuumei Moon Catcher :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,639 257 jackkutachi by coolgaltw jackkutachi :iconcoolgaltw:coolgaltw 53 3




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And that's about it. So Donate if you want, it's not going to be used on me, but on friends and artists who deserve it. <3

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Usagi "Bunny" Hikari
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Ciao~! Well, I'm just your average Fanfiction and original story writer!
"It is better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

I still will share a lot of my writing works because I actually want to see how good I actually am. I want to know if I'll be able to support myself with being an author! I have the habit of making everything kinda longer than needed, so have some time set aside when planning on reading them.

I speak German (Austrian Dialect) and English, and do use Italian and Japanese here and there since I love languages. Also am a fan of most things international. I was raised as an international child (being born in Austria and travelling a lot).

Personal Quotes: "I'm not crazy, I'm insane!"
"I AM THE WORLD!!! I have all the world's curls!" (Myself on my hair)
"I don't want to become a pancake! It would mess up my hair!" (Pancake is like a code word for getting run over, and that was a day where I spent a very long time on my hair.)

"Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth."

"There's no certainty, only opportunity."

"People should not be afraid of their governments, Governments should be afraid of their people."

"It is not my birthplace, but where my soul shall rest...All the people of Ayothaya here have taught me...They taught me the difference between an honourable death and one that is not. If one dies for the country and King Naresuan, no matter how many lifetimes one is born, it is still worth giving up one's life. At this moment, my heart is Ayothaya." ~Yamada Nagamasa, a Japanese

"Love for one's country doesn't necessarily belong to only those who were born of the same land. Love for one's country can be born in the heart of anyone who wishes that the soil of the country covers his face when he dies."
Naoto Banner by Piezelle
-Stamp: Naoto Shirogane by starli-i

Cry in Trapland by darndragon ChaoticMonki by darndragon
HistoryXHetalia by KatieKa-Boom Italy's brothers Stamp :D by melo91 kyut by annalovebianca
APH: I love Chibitalia Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Lovino Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Taiwan Stamp by Chibikaede
The Log-out Stamp by Busiris Caramelldansen by muslma Inky's Army member stamp by Culinary-Alchemist StarCrafts: Zergling by 16thSquadSanseki
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So, with my help, my mom just booked the tickets for her, Ishy, and myself to all to go Austria for three weeks in September~!
Two weeks, it'll just be me and Ishy in a hostel.
But, my mom made me cry happy tears with a trip she suggested.
She didn't know this, but I love Prague. I read a book, called "City of Dark Magic" that made me fall in love with the history and the mystery of this city I've always heard of but never really known. I also love Budapest, a city that has always felt so close when I traveled with my Opa.

What my mom suggested, was that if I ask my uncle and aunt nice enough, they might be able to take us on a day trip to Prague! She said it so out of nowhere, that I had to make sure I was hearing her right. She thought it would be a good idea to take me out to a city she's been to a few times, now that we have the time to do that, and since Ishy was coming with us. And then, she even suggested that I use my "grandchild influence" on my Opa to take a trip to Budapest!
When she said this things, I couldn't believe my mom thought about traveling outside of Austria! And, I mean, it's freaking PRAGUE! Who else do you know that can say that they went to Prague! I'm freaking out, and I should be sleeping for work!
And then, Budapest! Oh my freaking Holy Roman Empire. My history freak inside is screaming and clutching a pillow and hyperventilating all at the same time (I didn't know it was possible)!

I can't WAIT for this trip! The fact my mom thought about that is amazing. She almost always only thinks about stuff in Vienna.'s just too much for my little BunBun heart to take! I couldn't even believe it. The only thing that came out of my mouth were squeaks and "Really? You serious?" and then came some tears of happiness.

I don't care if my work won't let me take those days off, at this point, I'll quit! For freaking two more cities in Europe?! Hell yeah I'll chose that over work.

I don't even know what I should do in both cities!
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  • Watching: JackSepticEye
  • Drinking: Mixed Berry Sparkling Water


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